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Share Your Story

Sharing can be powerful.

If meth has affected you or someone you care about, speak up. Share a message about what you’ve lost or what you’ve learned. You might just save someone from going down an ugly road.

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I remember it just like yesterday, I was a CNA 18 years young. I was taking care of let’s say his name is “bob” he was a drug addict he did pills 25/8, I never cared for them I’d be offered and say no. Then one day I met his nephew let’s say his name is “Bill”. I literally had no self esteem where I was well Fat growing up never used to guys giving me attention well I finally lost the weight and got attention right before I started taking care of “Bob”. I had a HUGE crush on “Bill” idk why but I did, Bill was 28 , and you could tell he was trouble. Well one day Bob offered me a line of dope. I said what’s dope, he replied meth, I was in shock and said HELL no. Later that day Bill came and talked to me. With me having no self esteem I literally would do anything for him to have interest in me. He offered me dope I wanted to say no, but I caved in and that’s when everything went down hill FAST. Bill started giving it to me everyday while I took care of Bob. Me and Bill started dating he moved in with me. About 2 months later I was strung TF out. Bill was an IV user he pursued me into letting him “hit me” and I hate him for that bc I changed into a person I didn’t even know. After him injecting me with meth in just 3 months I was homeless, lost my job, lost my CNA licsences. Also overdosed while mixing meth with benzos. We were still going hard tho. In Dec I found out I was pregnant. I immediately told my family I needed help, While in rehab Bill went to jail he served 14 months. I stayed clean my WHOLE pregnancy. I love being a mom, I was so proud of myself. Well Bill gets out of jail and we have our own house jobs and doing good. He relapsed 3 months after being released. Then he brought it to me again, even tho I was clean for alomst a year I couldn’t say no to it infront of me. After I did it I felt pure shame and guilt. Bill got tired of me saying he needed to get clean and he left. I stayed clean. He re-enter our lives off and off and every time he did I would relapse. Finally I realized I was addicted to him too. I went to rehab again, and I’ve been clean ever since. I still have strong love for “Bill” but I love myself more NOW. I’m a proud single mommy going to college, have my own house, new truck, and a bright future. Don’t ever let your past define you, I relapsed so so many times I thought there was no help we’ll there is! My story proves it! (Bill is now in Jail, getting ready for his prison sentence we haven’t talked in almost a year)  meth ruined my life! But I made a new one! I hope you do the same!


It all started when I was freshmen year. At the time my grandparents and my cousins lived with my parents and I at my house. Eventually, they started to notice my dad acting strange. One by one they all left. My grandparents were the only ones who stayed until my dad made them leave the house because he thought they were “going behind his back” (which they weren’t and he was making up stuff). I cried for such a long time because I felt alone. My mom was too afraid to say anything and got abused from my dad. Long story short, we had to involve the cops and he went to jail for about 3 months and was in rehab for 3 months also. Everything was going fine for a little but now I’m a junior, and he’s starting to show the same symptoms of meth again. I’m scared especially since I have a young brother who is only months old. I don’t know what to do.


I lost my job my wife and son.I lost my job and my apartment I started doing crime . I ended up shooting someone and his screams haunt me even till this day you’ll do things you would never do Do not ever go near this drug it will slowly take everything from you and you’ll be busy chasing that high to realize . You cannot function on meth doesn’t matter how smArt you think you are .