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Sharing can be powerful.

If meth has affected you or someone you care about, speak up. Share a message about what you’ve lost or what you’ve learned. You might just save someone from going down an ugly road.

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I Now live in the Yankton SD area and I began my sobriety in downtown Tacoma Washington below the Hilltop area at that time notoriously known as one of the most violent and drug infused areas in the United States I knew it well.
I was so sick then that I had to attend five one hour meetings a day for my first 30 days of sobriety.
I put it into my head it’s no different than going to work 8 hours a day and it was my job now to work on me because I am my worst enemy.
I sat with the homeless, the middle class, the upper class and people that couldn’t get 24 hours of clean time and listened to their stories.
I listened to the same stories over and over and over that it isn’t getting better out there outside those doors of the meetings.
I would watch the drug dealers on the street corners across from these meetings waiting like vultures for it’s prey.
I could not judge anyone in those rooms for me.
I could not blame anyone in these rooms for me
I could not fix anyone in those rooms except me.
I have had to go through some very dark day’s to get to where I am today it hasn’t been easy.
I have been tempted many times to give up but I haven’t done it because I have remembered the path of destruction I had left in my past and the problems it caused if I did.
I am not perfect I am always a work in progress one day at a time sometimes one second at a time.
I know today that I have people that will love me until I love myself and for that I am grateful.

I must always stay humble be grateful and forgive.
The only way I keep what I have is by giving it away.

Michael Foss

I was a very heavy,  hard drug user. I started doing drugs when I was 17. The next 27 years was about making stupid decisions.  I have been through drug treatment centers and was one of the first to do so in S Dak. I’ve done probably every drug there is. When I started meth I didn’t realize that it would take over my life and take away everything I had. I lost my job, 2nd marriage, home, everything that I owned.  I lost my dad and brother to suicide during this time and meth had a hold of me like nothing I’ve ever seen!  I ended up homeless and had no where to go. I finally started fighting for my life back, meth is a very evil drug!!  I just recently bought a new boat, pickup,  house. I have a great job and an awesome wife! I preach every day about staying positive and focused. I love my life now, my x wives are great friends of mine and I have my life back. There are way to many terrible stories to tell about those years and I’m glad it’s behind me. I thought about ending my life at different times but I couldn’t do that to my kids and grandkids.  I appreciate every day that God gives me, I feel that I’m a miracle in a way.


I had a rough childhood and had to take care of my younger sibling. We were real close not just sisters but best friends. We grew apart for a short time in adulthood but when she left her second husband with her first two kids we regained our closeness. She started drinking a lot from depression because being a single mom with no help was hard on her. She ended up having a third child with an alcoholic. This boy has down syndrome. He was also born with heart problems and had open heart surgery at 3 months old. She kept drinking and doing marijuana but that wasnt giving her the high she was searching for. She met someone who introduced her to meth. Her life spiraled out of control. She was neglecting and physically abusing all of her children. She was allowing her friends to torture her own sons in the worst ways imaginable. She started pushing me away. Her house was always filthy and infested with cockroaches. She knew i didnt like what was going on so she hid things from me. She didnt like the boys talking to me anymore. She was starting to think everyone was a cop trying to hurt her. Her oldest boy begged me one day to keep him and started crying saying he couldnt take it anymore and would kill himself if i took him home. I had to make a hard choice between my innocent nephews or my sister. I chose those boys and with the help of social services they became my sons. Ill never regret taking them as they have done very well in life but i miss her to this day. She spent on and off ten years in prison but she is still an addict and i have nothing to do with her. I have no clue how to get to her as she feels i stole her children and blames everyone but herself for the problems her addictions caused. She almost starved her down syndrome son to death he was six when he came to live with me. The doctors said i would not be able to teach him to eat but i never gave up on him. When he was ten he swallowed his first bite of food ever and he has made so much progress. All three of them are very loving good hearted people and i love and adore them.