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Share Your Story

Sharing can be powerful.

If meth has affected you or someone you care about, speak up. Share a message about what you’ve lost or what you’ve learned. You might just save someone from going down an ugly road.

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Devastation in ways we don’t think when you are known to use this even after sobriety your a monster you were a monster you have a life as a felon it will be used against you for the rest of your life by family friends enemies if you’ve done meth it’s probably a good thing because nothing destroys like meth health wealth future you can still have a good life JESUS is the answer for the meth addict check him out FREE REHAB God Bless

Kristi hudson

Well i guess it all started when i started to work plumbing with my father.he was always a workhorse and never really a good fAther..he is a daily user of meth.he would cut lines in the back of the truck and send me to get parts .i thought it was coke .it wasnt.bieng on meth is the nastiest feeling in the world
Not sleeping not eating.hearing and seeing dad first lost the family then his company and then himself..and i was following him side by side into paronoid schizophrenia self induced hell..laterally staying up all night hearing him making holes in walls and looking for hidden cameras or bugs..and me next door using aswell feeling like the most disgusting vile thing..yet entertained because if the rush if dopamine always on tapp.i saw my strong father loose himself to this drug…i would not let the same happen to me..i went cold turkey .went vegan.started meditating on having a positive dad was my hero ,my god ,my provider of money shelter, and drugs…i guess he was my devil too.i told myself i deserve to be happy and healthy…dont let the sins of the father become the sinss of the son.change is possible.i couldnt help him. I tried he hated me for it..for doing what he couldnt be happy without drugs or alcohol.this storry of mine is not even the beginning of it…i could write a book on my life. You have to forgive yourself for selfharming and tell yourself that ..u deserve to be happy and healthy.we all hold our own keys to true happiness.  Self - evolve my friend. System reebot of your own mind .


I was 17 when I was introduced to meth. All though it has been in my family for a long time. My parents have both been addicted to it. My father’s been in prison almost my whole life for it. I was an addict for 3 and a half years I robbed my family and friends took advantage of good people. Meth tore my life into pieces I lost 80 pounds in only a couple months I lost my job I had nothing only the cloths on my back and my lowlife friends at the time. So I made the phone call and got help from my family I had to move to Georgia. 900 miles away from my home to get better. I’m two years clean now and I feel better than ever. I never thought I would stop I didn’t think I could but it’s easy. My family trusts me again. My friends are good influences and my past does not effect who I am anymore or who I will be. I have my own place a new car a good job with benefits and a beautiful girlfriend. Meth isn’t the answer.