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Share Your Story

Sharing can be powerful.

If meth has affected you or someone you care about, speak up. Share a message about what you’ve lost or what you’ve learned. You might just save someone from going down an ugly road.

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I grew up with two loving parents but knew at age 6 they had a huge problem with meth, my fun loving daddy turned into a delusional abusive husband towards my mother. I remember trying to save her from him beating her and breaking her ribs more than a few times. He’d only stop because of me I was his baby at 22 meth has gotten a hold of my daddy again, it’s now to the point that it’s impossible to have a conversation with him. He was such a good dad! <\3 I have two younger brothers one 18 the other ten months old and two 11 yr old sisters..I’m so sorry they’re not able to see what an awesome man he could be. I pray he can come back to reality one day, I’m afraid he’s lost his mind permanently. I’ve used it before it’s never done anything good for me and my life..I’m blessed to have gotten away from it before I wake up one day and it’s too late! Thanks to meth I’ve wittness a lot of my family members lose so much from their lives even worse I’ve watched my grandmother cry because it taken all four of her son’s from her in and out of prison my whole life..Will she ever get to see them in one room together again? Only Lord knows..


My Story is probably a little different than others you might read on hear..But mine starts as a Grandmother and now because of Meth and Heroine I am raising my grandchildren because their mother was caught doing things she shouldn’t have done in front of her children.  It’s sad because a mother can’t fix this problem and with all the legalities!! Now they will end up terminating the right of both parents(Father not around anyways)  and than I will be open to adopt the children and make them a home with me their new mom.  Their moms story started back when her dad and I were divorced and come to find out when she went to live with him that was her first experience with METH!! I didn’t know until recently when she started really opening up to me.. Meth was her only drug of choice it was other things…pills and pot!! She really has no drug of choice just that HIGH!!  So PLEASE as a mom and a grandma…STOP NOW BEFORE IT IS TO LATE…DON’T LET THE DRUG CONTROL YOU…YOU HAVE TO CONTROL THE DRUG AND THIS CAN BE USED WITH ANYTHING FROM CIGRETTES TO ALCOHOL TO DRUGS!!! TO STOP IT IS MIND OVER MATTER…YOU MIND DON’T NEED IT SO WHATS THE MATTER!!! STOP BEFORE IT IS TO LATE AND YOU ALSO LOSE YOUR CHILDREN OR HURT ONE OR YOUR CHILD IS BORN WITH A BIRTH DEFECT THAT WILL AFFECT THEIR LIVES FOREVER…GOOD LUCK CAUSE I KNOW I NEED IT!!!


I did it because I wanted to see what all the fuss was about. Why my mom chose it over me. Why my husband chose it over me. And I guess I wanted to have something in common with him. Maybe we’d get along better… Well it took everything I loved. I thought I had it under control. I could quit anytime I wanted. The fact I used “only” once a week and never used more than a day meant I had it under control. I was wrong. So very wrong. Even dumber I wanted to try shooting up to be like everyone else.. that’s when everything went downhill. A year and a half later I’m still dealing with trying to stay clean. Its like hell on earth.