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Share Your Story

Sharing can be powerful.

If meth has affected you or someone you care about, speak up. Share a message about what you’ve lost or what you’ve learned. You might just save someone from going down an ugly road.

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My husband of 8 years left our family and three kids I’m pregnant with another for meth. Every time I talk to him he sounds like a demon. It sounds like the actual devil took over him and I keep asking him why he sounds like that, he had no idea. His aggression spiraled out of control until one day he strangled me. To this day he still doesn’t talk to his kids or me. He went from having a house and family to living in his car. He’s about to lose his job. I’m afraid for him to even come around. There’s nothing like this s***. I keep asking him why are you acting like that and he says this is who I am. And I say well I don’t know you then. Because I don’t. It changes everything including your personality.


I grew up very sheltered. Didn’t know the first thing about any kind of drugs. I honestly am not sure what caused me to try meth besides being with the wrong kind of people and rebeling. I met my oldest son’s father in 2016. I was 21 and he was 36. Our relationship was wonderful at first. We smoked pot together on the daily. One day the pot dealer had some meth and offered us some. I found out my man had been sober for six years at that point. I never knew he had a problem with hardcore before that. Anyway smoking lead to shooting and agreeing to let him shoot me up. The first time I thought I was going to die… But I wanted to feel that feeling again. I got pregnant while I was on meth with my first child. I couldn’t stay away from it. Sobered up 2 weeks before I had my child only to get another shot as soon as I got home from the hospital. Two months later, my boyfriend and I decided we’d had enough. We couldn’t pay the rent and our car was repoed. My dad had just bought a house in a different state that needed a lot of work. We talked to him about being sober and also how we could repay the $800 I’d stolen from him. My dad put us and our son up in a hotel while my boyfriend worked on the house. We were both clean. A month later, my son’s father says he’s in pain he can’t bare. Ends up in icu. He has mrsa in his blood from an infection from shooting. Five days later, I have to sign papers pulling him off life support. The day of his service I start using again. End up 8 months later hooking up with a dealer for some. Didn’t know anything about him. Got pregnant with twins. When I found out I was pregnant, I quit cold turkey. Fast forward a month after my twins are born… And I’m thinking a little snort wont hurt. Turns into me shooting 20 or 30 cents every 1-3 hrs. I’m coughing blood. My whole room is spiinning, I can’t breathe, I can’t stand. I hug my 2 yr old thinking that’s the last time I’ll ever be with him…and I pass out. When I wake up, I’m fine and a miracle to say the least. Now raising three beautiful boys by myself. The addiction is always there. Best advice is never to try it.


I remember it just like yesterday, I was a CNA 18 years young. I was taking care of let’s say his name is “bob” he was a drug addict he did pills 25/8, I never cared for them I’d be offered and say no. Then one day I met his nephew let’s say his name is “Bill”. I literally had no self esteem where I was well Fat growing up never used to guys giving me attention well I finally lost the weight and got attention right before I started taking care of “Bob”. I had a HUGE crush on “Bill” idk why but I did, Bill was 28 , and you could tell he was trouble. Well one day Bob offered me a line of dope. I said what’s dope, he replied meth, I was in shock and said HELL no. Later that day Bill came and talked to me. With me having no self esteem I literally would do anything for him to have interest in me. He offered me dope I wanted to say no, but I caved in and that’s when everything went down hill FAST. Bill started giving it to me everyday while I took care of Bob. Me and Bill started dating he moved in with me. About 2 months later I was strung TF out. Bill was an IV user he pursued me into letting him “hit me” and I hate him for that bc I changed into a person I didn’t even know. After him injecting me with meth in just 3 months I was homeless, lost my job, lost my CNA licsences. Also overdosed while mixing meth with benzos. We were still going hard tho. In Dec I found out I was pregnant. I immediately told my family I needed help, While in rehab Bill went to jail he served 14 months. I stayed clean my WHOLE pregnancy. I love being a mom, I was so proud of myself. Well Bill gets out of jail and we have our own house jobs and doing good. He relapsed 3 months after being released. Then he brought it to me again, even tho I was clean for alomst a year I couldn’t say no to it infront of me. After I did it I felt pure shame and guilt. Bill got tired of me saying he needed to get clean and he left. I stayed clean. He re-enter our lives off and off and every time he did I would relapse. Finally I realized I was addicted to him too. I went to rehab again, and I’ve been clean ever since. I still have strong love for “Bill” but I love myself more NOW. I’m a proud single mommy going to college, have my own house, new truck, and a bright future. Don’t ever let your past define you, I relapsed so so many times I thought there was no help we’ll there is! My story proves it! (Bill is now in Jail, getting ready for his prison sentence we haven’t talked in almost a year)  meth ruined my life! But I made a new one! I hope you do the same!