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Share Your Story

Sharing can be powerful.

If meth has affected you or someone you care about, speak up. Share a message about what you’ve lost or what you’ve learned. You might just save someone from going down an ugly road.

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I was 17 when I was introduced to meth. All though it has been in my family for a long time. My parents have both been addicted to it. My father’s been in prison almost my whole life for it. I was an addict for 3 and a half years I robbed my family and friends took advantage of good people. Meth tore my life into pieces I lost 80 pounds in only a couple months I lost my job I had nothing only the cloths on my back and my lowlife friends at the time. So I made the phone call and got help from my family I had to move to Georgia. 900 miles away from my home to get better. I’m two years clean now and I feel better than ever. I never thought I would stop I didn’t think I could but it’s easy. My family trusts me again. My friends are good influences and my past does not effect who I am anymore or who I will be. I have my own place a new car a good job with benefits and a beautiful girlfriend. Meth isn’t the answer.


I was an enabler. I am very guilty of this. My oldest son used drugs very badly, in every way you can imagine. They couldn’t even put an IV in his veins at the hospital when he over-dosed. My house-hold was in complete turmoil. My youngest has autism and I almost cant forgive myself for allowing this in my home. It was selfish of me. I allowed my oldest to live with me so I could make sure he was alive. I would get up 5 times a night to make sure he was breathing. Two years ago I put him on a plane to New York to stay with his friend and his wife. They got him clean, took someone outside the family. He is a success story. He has his own apartment, car and awesome job. He is actually a entrepreneur in NY. I got to fly out and see him this past July. I got to actually see my son again for who he is. I think I ran my fingers across his healed, smooth skin from shooting up 50 times while there. They can over-come this with a lot of work and maybe people outside the family. works.. He is a success story. Now I have a friend I wish I could help. TY for listening!


It’s all fun and games
Till you you’re in deep
And not the same
It seems so sweet
Just like a treat
Until it has you
And your soul it keeps
It’s evil
That promises you things
But a nightmare is
All this brings.
You’ll love it at first
But you’ll find the hate
You’ll start to curse
And cry on this mistake
But the shot you still take
This time you hesitate
The voices, in your head
This war you fight
Now, you surely dread
It’s not fun no more
All you want is to
Shut the door
Now you’re stuck
Spending your last buck
On this high you despise
And you hate yourself
Every single time
But it’s all you have
To make you higher then the world
You look in the mirror
Who is that girl?
You are not living
Not even surviving
You’re slowly dying
Feeling you lose your self
But you don’t dare ask for help.
You feel ashamed
You feel like crap
She’s not yet named
But you know who she is
Crystal meth is her name
Do not let her in
Don’t play this twisted game
It is a nightmare
And ya shell take you there
I’m not at all joking.

The first time so tried this dreadful drug was this year actually..  May 1st and no I will never forget that day. I tried it and the rush made me happy and I’m like oh this isn’t bad and my friends and I were like if we control this we’ll be okay..  And that was the saying for awhile there. Control the drug so it don’t control you but little did I know that I was falling in her black hole.  The whole summer I missed out on because I wanted Dope.  I hide from my family. I didn’t care.  I just wanted her..  I started stealing money to get my fix.  I lied all the time.  I was a mess!  I have scars on my body now from where I used to pick at my skin.  I would stay up for days and completely be stuck in my head losing my fucking mind..  I didn’t wanna sleep.  I didn’t wanna eat.. It was terrible and just thinking of how I was is bringing me to. Tears because I know there’s still people going through the same thing. IT breaks my heart because it’s such a problem and people don’t see who there becoming..  A family member of mine is in it now. And the worst thing ever is watching someown you love with an addiction..  I just think God even day I got out of the web because today and I am 78 days sober.  I have found Jesus and My eyes are finally open.  I love life ND with what I dealt with I am going to do amazing things with it.  I am only 19 and I have all these amazing insights and knowledge and I’m. Just truly blessed.  I am now 7 weeks. Pregnant and looking forward to my future.