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Share Your Story

Sharing can be powerful.

If meth has affected you or someone you care about, speak up. Share a message about what you’ve lost or what you’ve learned. You might just save someone from going down an ugly road.

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I am not a user but I have watched a neighbor family lose absolutely everything to meth. I miss that great little family that they used to be. Now, cars have been repossessed, jobs lost, poor choices have lead to numerous arrests and the house is in foreclosure. In the middle of this chaos and addiction are three beautiful children whose lives have been turned upside down.  For them, I feel nothing but profound sadness.  Nothing will ever be the same.


I was into Meth for 15 years of my life it started out I tried it with a guy I was working with on a 3 shift job. And was a mother of 3 kids and also going to school full time. My fiance which is my kids father was there working full time as well. I wanted to become a R.N so that’s why I was working and going to school my occasional use became a every day all day long adventure. I quit going to school so I could hang out with my buddies and smoke meth, throw games of darts and what ever other non productive activities we would do. It got to a point of my kids were never with me. While they were at school my fiance Steve thought I was at school as well then when they would get out I took them to the sitters so I could get some home work done and rest before work or so that was my excuse. I then continued to get highiss work lost my job. So my fiance finally figured out was going on we moved from Iowa to Colorado, needless to say before we left I went to my dope dealer / affair and told him what was going on he gave me enough meth for a couple months to take with me and said stay in contact with him and he’ll make sure I am ok. Steve thought I was clean the whole year we lived there and got married, he decided we needed to move back to Iowa so we did as a newly Wed couple. The 2nd day I was back I went and found my buddy I was so happy to see him and my other friends at the time. I asked if I could hang out and learn the process of how it was done? Needless to say I learned the tricks of the trade fast that’s where my life really ended I was not only making it but I went from smoking it to putting a needle in my arm every 45 min to an hour and using any where from 3 quarters of a gram to a gram each time. Steve left me took the kids and I was so lost that I didn’t care I was jumping from place to place never had a job couldn’t pay my child support at all meet up with my old fling from years back and kept cooking it, shooting it. We both got arrested and got sentenced to a prison sentence on manufacturing charges. Did our time got out and started back up again doing the same thing we did this for 4 years running from the law running our lives never seeing my kids never helping with things they need. It got so bad my boyfriend beat me up locked me in a closet up stairs all I remember is someone pulling me out and I was screaming don’t hit me don’t hit me. It was drug task force they saw I was beat up badly but still had to arrest me on back child support. But my boyfriend got it for manufacturing again, domestic violence they put me in a victims program but I still wanted to be with him. My mom and dad moved me to South Dakota to get away from him and get help with my addiction it wasn’t easy at all I ended up in 3 years time picking up 3 more drug felony charges because I wouldn’t quite using. My mom and dad have been through me flat lining on them cause when I couldn’t get meth I would smoke embalming fluid I smoked a whole pack of Marlboro red 100 soaked in it in less than 30 min. I was running a 104.5 temp could not walk talk and was white as a ghost they had to fly me flight for life and they lost me 2 times they had no idea what I had done. I am 39 years old and have struggled with my addiction for 15 years I have finally decided I am done living a endless deadly life on meth I have nothing to show for my age and it has taken years for my kids to even begin to talk to me I love my family and they have been through so much with me I am now clean and want to help any one get help so they don’t ruin or lose there life. Meth ain’t no joke it will ruin every thing you have and who you were.


Long story short. I was 20. When I started.  22 when I quit.  I got pregnant. So my daughter saved my life in realizing it wasn’t just my body anymore.  I flushed a big bag full.    I had a friend that made it so I always got it free.  But when you see those shadow ppl I believe death is coming for you.  I was at work n I would go in the restroom for a pick me up. But I looked in the mirror and wiped my face.  It looked to me as though I wiped
My skin clean off I could see muscle n tendons.  So I tried it on my arm. Same thing happened I asked my friend if it was really happening. And she said no.  It was all
In my head.    I almost died on that stuff.  I’m proud to say I still have all my teeth. But my back teeth need dental work pretty bad from snorting.  Every day is still a struggle. It’s been 14 years sence I last did it. But the thought never goes away.  My mom took pics of me when I was on it I had no idea I looked like death. Grey under my eyes on my cheeks.  I also thought I was fat. But the
Pics.  I was a toothpick.  I’m sooo happy I stopped. Sooo happy I suddenly got pregnant. If not I wouldn’t be alive to tell this story. N I have a wonderful life