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Share Your Story

Sharing can be powerful.

If meth has affected you or someone you care about, speak up. Share a message about what you’ve lost or what you’ve learned. You might just save someone from going down an ugly road.

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I started using meth when i was 17, a few months after i was released from my 5th treatment for other drug use. after a month out i moved out of my fathers for my own apartment. i soon found out everyone there was doing it. I stayed away for a few weeks. But stuff changed and i fell i to the lies and snorted my first line. It was great (at the time). I used regularly and snorted my meth for the first few weeks. Told myself id control it, that im only using recreationally. Then i started bangin it and the needle took control over my life. I used any and everyone, lied, stole, did things that totally went against my morals and became someone who scares me to think about till this day. I seen a lot of messed up stuff. I attempted to take my own life at kne point by intentionally overdosing on prozac. I was in someone elses apartment when i had seizures and was rushed to the E.R. where 3 more seizures followed. As my life continued to go down in hell my use increased and so did trouble with the law and my p.o. i was placed on an ankle monitor after being caught trying to steal food from walmart after my probation curfew. I cut that off the next week and went on the run. Another week passed and my mother told me she wanted to take me out for lunch. We met. My mother has always been one to never contact law enforcement on me. She believed what would happen to me would happen and God would sort it out. However this time was different and she set me up. I was arrested and taken to juvie where i was sent to intense treatment where i turned 18. At some point something inside of me told me its time to grow up. So.i did. I used the tools provided for me and changed it around. Graduated high school, and im now working for a Backhoe contracting company and going to college for diesel mechanics in January. Ive felt alone in this and stumbled upon this website. Id love to make some new friends who can relate to me. Cause everyone else ive been friends with has vanished. Im lonely and do nothing but work and watch tv and work on my truck. But thats fine because each day is one more day sober. I still struggle with depression but im no longer using to control it. Im very new to recovery and need some friends in it. Theres no meetings around my small town. This is only the back cover to my story per-say. It feels good to share tho.


I am 19 years old and last year I was dating and living with a 26 year old man who was addicted to meth. He was stealing our rent money for it and missing work to do it. We were a happy couple when we first got togeather but over time when he started to use, he changed. He started to be abusive towards me. Anything I did he would hit me for. Setting down my shoes to loud, being in the shower to long, not making the right thing he wanted for dinner that night, which he wouldn’t even eat anyways. I was 18 years old. I was still in high school trying to get my GED and go to college and he didn’t care about my life as long as he got his meth. I started to buy it for him because he wouldn’t hit me unless he was coming down, but the moment I ran out of money and he ran out of meth the abuse started again. At that point I started to use some out of his stash to numb the pain he caused me. I dropped from a 4.0 GPA to a 2.5. I would miss school and only want to do the drug. I knew my life was over if I kept up with the things I was doing. So I left him my last month of high school. I knew even though I loved him with my whole heart, he only cared about the meth and if he wasn’t there I wouldn’t need meth for the pain. I knew I couldn’t ever be happy with him and couldn’t ever be happy with myself if I was on meth.  So now have a restraining order against him, stopped using and am in college and doing great. He on the other hand is in and out of prison. Meth will never make you better. Meth will never make you happy in the long run. Meth will ruin you and everything you love. So I beg of you, don’t use. It’s not worth it.


I a man 26 years old and a recovering addict of meth by use of needle. In April of 2015 I was sold some meth that was mixed with bath salt and bleach and I shot it up with out knowing it was tampered with. Within ten minutes I was in the er and my body was shutting down fast. I was cold and felt like I had been hit by a car from the waist down. My heart rate was 120 and rising and my blood pressure was dropping I had a fever of 104.5 my body temp was so hot they couldn’t cover me up as I said I was freezing. They immediately did a spinal tap where I had spinal meningitis just like that. They drained four and a half pints of green fluid from my stomach and lungs. Also they did a blood transfusion and I blanked out I was put on life support for five days while on life support I had a heart attack and flat lined for over thirty minutes. I went thru about five surgeries and on the sixth day I woke up. It’s hard and I admit I want to get high still all the time. But my five children almost lost Gerry mother because I wanted to get high. I have a huge family and I have seen this and other drugs destroy my family to the utmost devastating state of no return. I stand to fight against meth because I don’t want my holster to have to suffer any more.
I truly believe that my sister kept me alive because she was the only one there with me the whole time and her prayers and love I felt from inside me.  Meth is the worst drug I believe to ty it will take over ur entire being and nothin will matter more to u ever u till u hit bottom or ur dead or in prison.