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Share Your Story

Sharing can be powerful.

If meth has affected you or someone you care about, speak up. Share a message about what you’ve lost or what you’ve learned. You might just save someone from going down an ugly road.

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So understand Jane and my heart hurts for her. Doing the same with our beautiful grandson. Our daughter is doing well now and pray for it to continue so she can be the mom to him we know she can be. We are tough love so there are rules and we will not give in to her. It’s about him. Not his fault. Not his choice. We pray she stays clean. God I wish we could all meet. This life for us is not a choice but we will never ever choose not to take care of the child. Meth is the devil.


I take care of my grandbaby, she was three when for whatever reason her mom fell into meth.  she managed to hide her use for months until her little girl ended up here and there and those people got tired of caring for her.  i stepped in took her until her mom could clean up.  its been over two years of empty promises, lies and denials and much heartbreak for her daughter.  she doesnt understand why she cant live with her mom or why mom doesnt call or visit for weeks and months at a time.  i tried to encourage her and work with her, but that just let to being taken advantage of and being lied to.  so now my focus is on the grandbaby.  her mom will have to find her way on her own.  the heart break it leads to for your family and your children isnt worth it.  dont start, not even once.  i’m sure shed love to go back and handle those really bad days another way instead of turning to bad friends and drugs.  now she struggles to find her way. and her little girl lives a life feeling abandoned and alone.


My parents have been doing meth longer than I have alive. I’ve never known them sober, and thats hard to deal with. I tried to help them but it only ended up in my dad and mom breaking into my home at separate times. I had to get a protection order because my dad threatened to kill me. I have no contact with them and don’t plan to. Meth will take your soul and leave you an empty mindless body that just craves drugs.