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Think of the things that are important to you. Use meth and chances are, they’ll all be gone. That’s because using meth just once can lead to addiction. And it’s an addiction that will completely take over your life. You’ll lie. You’ll cheat. You’ll steal. You’ll become someone you’re not. Do yourself a favor and stay away from it.

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Meth Changes Everything.
A Growing Problem.

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I have been around it my whole life. While my mom was pregnant with me and my siblings, while we were children, while she was watching us grow up, and everything in between. Of course I didn’t notice when I was young. But when I look back I remember going to her room for something and her and my dad yelling at me to get out, to go to my room. I started noticing that not everyone acts that way, she was weird. She was different. I was about 13 years old when I actually found out that it was meth she had been doing. I found it hidden in her drawer. She did do a pretty good job at hiding it, but not good enough. So me and my older brother told her that we found it. She was pissed and made us go to bed. She never wanted to talk to us about it, she always denied it or told us that she had stopped. She never did. She just lied. Of course, me being her daughter believed her or wanted to believe her, I am not sure which one yet. Well, we found it again and again and it was always the same story. I’m quitting or just give excuses after excuses. After many years of trying to help she just wouldn’t except. I had to get out of there. It was summer when everything went at a complete 90 degree downward slope. There was one incident where I had my friend over who had a two year old daughter. We were trying to get her to go to sleep and my mom got mad at something. She starts freaking out and says she is going to go meditate in her room. We all knew what that meant. That was my real breaking point. I went into her room and chewed her out. There was a little girl that she had nothing to do with in just the other room and I wasn’t going to let it happen. I try telling her how i feel and that it needs to stop but she blames it on her kids not helping around the house or her being stressed out. I finally told her i didn’t think she cared anymore. It really seemed like she didn’t. I tried opening her eyes up and telling her that she is going to get in trouble, that her kids were going to get ripped away from her and she was going to be in prison. I told her she won’t be able to see her grandchildren or go to any birthday’s or anything. She didn’t care. The meth was more important to her. She didn’t stop yet. During that same summer toward when school was starting I noticed she wasn’t sleeping. I found it again for what would be the fifth time that I can remember. I had enough. I was sick of crying, sick of being afraid that i was gonna loose her, sick of being around it. I had a boyfriend at the time and he didn’t like coming over because she was smoking meth. I warned her that it was going to tear her family apart. My two older brothers had already graduated high school and weren’t really in her care anymore. I took my younger sister and we left. It was too much pain in that house with her mood swings and her meth addiction. I wasn’t going to leave forever because i had a job there, and friends, and other family. All she cared about when we left was getting her things back that she had bought. She didn’t care if we were alright. She didn’t care that we had left. Once we realized that all we wanted was our stuff back. When we went to get it she had locked all of the doors, taken everything out of our bedroom and locked it into a room. she wouldn’t let us in the house or she wouldn’t talk to us. She just wanted us to leave. So we did. We decided that it wasn’t fair and that we were going to live somewhere else. I could of called the cops many times but that was my mother. She had given me everything when my dad left us. But of course they were only together for the drugs too. I told her why we left and i told her where we would be. After a month of us leaving she finally realized what she had done. She finally understood why we left. She quit for a little but that only lasted about 3 months. She relapsed again during thanksgiving. She told us it was because she was stressed. She has stopped again for now but how long is that? When is she going to smoke again? Even when she isn’t smoking it is taking a toll. She is so touchy. She gets angry so easily and starts yelling. Well thanks for reading even though i can’t share my full story or even if you don’t read it, at least i can tell someone.

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Devastation in ways we don’t think when you are known to use this even after sobriety your a monster you were a monster you have a life as a felon it will be used against you for the rest of your life by family friends enemies if you’ve done meth it’s probably a good thing because nothing destroys like meth health wealth future you can still have a good life JESUS is the answer for the meth addict check him out FREE REHAB God Bless

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